"History will long note the movements of our youth and their effects on our culture. It will also record what we do or don’t do today. I believe the measure of our true greatness is yet to be. " -WAL

Will Unite: Light of a New Generation

Has the torch that was passed to "a new generation" (Baby Boomers) been extinguished by the national traumas and Cultural Revolution of our youth; or does there exist, beneath the ruins of apathy and cynicism, the smoldering embers of idealism and possibility?

TO WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN, MUCH IS EXPECTED (Those who know better...)

During America's early industrialization, President Theodore Roosevelt reminded his generation of the duty inherent in abundance and position when he stated, "Let us remember that, as much has been given us, as much will be expected from us..." President Kennedy, in his Inaugural address, appealed to our generation's sense of altruism by stating: "...ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." Just as those of greater means have a duty to those less fortunate; those who know better are required to do better. Collectively, we Baby Boomers were more highly educated and materially advantaged than any generation before us. Further, our numbers continue to afford us a tremendous power of influence. Given these attributes, are we fulfilling all that can and should be expected of our generation?

The Generation Gap (Tempering forces...)

Each generation faces significant events and adversities that are particular to their times. What defines each generation is the manner in which they deal with them. Generations, like individuals, are judged and remembered by the choices they make. As sons and daughters of the "Greatest Generation", what do we wish OUR legacy to be?

Missing Link / Antiestablishmentarianism ("Do Your Own Thing!")

Has our generation, in casting off the common values and traditions of previous generations, become a missing link in the chain of social heritage that connects future generations with the wisdom and accomplishments of past generations?
When we neglect our civic responsibility, we relinquish positive influence on society, its cultural environment, and the quality of our government. If we are not accountable as citizens of our free society, then to whom is our government truly accountable?

People Power vs. Flower Power (From revolution to resolution)

The tragic events that were thrust upon us during the 60’s can never be altered. The rebellious course we set in our youth was in objection to PAST events. Neither we nor our country are the same as during those times. Now we must actively respond to the needs of a new time by departing from the revolutions of the past in order to seek the resolutions for today.
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